Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 5 - Maple Tapioca Cream & Maple Sugar Diamonds

Happy October! Have I already said that? I know it's the middle of October, but this past week has been filled with chilly weather, blustering winds, rain, and falling leaves. It finally feels like autumn has arrived! I've had the windows open to let the brisk coolness and natural autumn scents fill our house and it is so wonderful. These are some of my favorite days! This is actually the first autumn since we bought this house that I've been able to have all our windows open. We got the last of the new windows installed and to have screens in all the windows has been glorious! I can finally let all the wonderful seasonal goodness in without the plethora of insects accepting the invitation too.

Anyway, this week's maple recipes look so good. They come from the Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book from 1944. I want to try both of these - Maple Tapioca Cream and Maple Sugar Diamonds. I love tapioca, and this recipe looks amazing. Since I'm used to rich, thick, creamy modern…

Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 4 - Maple Nut Ice Cream & Maple Sauce

It's my personal opinion that when the electric refrigerator with an internal freezer became widely available in homes is when American cuisine started to get really interesting. Sure, you could make ice cream before the advent of home freezers, but the amazing expanded frozen dessert potential exploded - ice cream cake rolls, frozen Jello desserts, etc.! I just really love this era of American food history. Can you tell? 😀

Autumn has been languishing under more heat and humidity, so I thought this week would be a good one for Maple Nut Ice Cream and Maple Sauce! The ice cream recipe is one of those interesting ones that uses rennet and it also calls for maple flavoring and maple syrup. The Marshmallow Sauce is just straight up easy. I'm guessing the marshmallow cream is something like Fluff? I'm going to have to make that recipe. It sounds awesome.

These recipes come from The Good Housekeeping Cook Book, 1944 edition.

Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 3 - Apple Roll & Maple, Cheese, and Nut Sandwiches

Welcome to Week 3 of my Vintage Autumn Celebration series starring Maple! I have always wanted to be apart of a winter harvest tapping sugar maple trees. I know it's a lot of hard work, but the reward is absolutely amazing and delicious. One of my favorite non-fiction books is actually about the history, lore, and facts about maple syrup & sugar. It's called Maple Sugar: From Sap to Syrup. It was a fun book to read with my kids, and reading it, of course, brings quite the cravings for something mapley!

 For this week's two recipes, we've got some really yummy sounding ones. First there's the Apple Roll from The Mapleine Cook Book, ca. 1930s, which utilizes biscuit dough in an interesting way. Mapleine is put into the syrup that the apple/biscuit dough roll is then basted with in the oven. Interesting! Second, there's the recipe for Maple, Cheese, and Nut sandwiches from The Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book from 1944. This recipe looks like a typical 1940s sand…

Vintage Autumn Celebration: Week 2 - Mapled Apples & Mapleine Corn Candy

Sorry I'm a day late, but Saturday was just crazy!

Have you noticed that it's extremely difficult to find maple extract as a flavoring? It's easy to find vanilla extract, even almond and many others, but for some reason maple is a difficult extract to find. Instead you find just plain maple flavoring - no maple in the ingredients. I'm not sure of the reason behind this unless the flavor found in natural maple syrup is difficult to extract. As it talks about in this post at Resurrected Recipes, most artificial flavorings are frowned upon, but America seems to forgive artificial maple syrup without any problem. (Definitely check out that post - it's 1 of 3 that talks about Mapleine and its history!)

Speaking of which, this week's recipes once again come from The Mapleine Cook Book, dated to the 1930s. We've got Mapled Apples which feature an interesting use for bananas and marshmallows, and Mapleine Corn Candy that is not your standard caramel corn recipe! E…

Vintage Autumn Celebration!

Happy Autumn!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Fall is here. It's my favorite season, and I've been giddy with anticipation. As you might know, for the past 2 years I've done a fun Fall feature on my blog, and this year is no exception. Instead of featuring wartime autumn menus & recipes though, I wanted to do something different.

Welcome to my Vintage Autumn Celebration featuring: Maple Recipes!

Yippee!! I adore the unmistakable, unique flavor that is maple. Growing up we didn't eat real maple syrup on our pancakes. My mom would use Mapleine flavoring in a sugar syrup for us to use. It tasted okay, I just didn't like how runny it was. So, I started adding the Mapleine flavoring to honey, which was much thicker. Maple honey is pretty good! Now, I splurge to buy the good stuff - real maple syrup. And every April we trek over to the 18th century market fair at Ft. Frederick, Maryland where a man sells his Special Dark maple syrup that h…

Wartime Menu Challenge: August - Navy Bean and Peanut Butter Soup

Today's the last day of August when my challenge comes to an end. Having our house on the market really makes everything in life more complicated. Life sure threw me some curve balls during this challenge, making this a challenge for me in every sense of the word!

For the very last menu, I tried what I felt was quite the doozy - Navy Bean and Peanut Butter Soup. This one was a little scary, folks. Beans and peanut butter. It's just something to give one pause, you know? Which is why I went for it. hahaha!

Here's the original menu:
Navy Bean and Peanut Butter Soup Crackers Chopped Meat and Vegetable Sandwiches Canned Salmon Salad Sandwich Apple Turnover Oatmeal Cookies (from a different menu in August) Cheese Milk
I added an apple after I took pictures, because I didn't think I'd adequately kept the nutrition of the original menu. I made the oatmeal cookies from a different August menu, so I decided to use them in this meal, though, believe me, I would have much prefe…

Wartime Menu Challenge: August - Baked Bean Sandwich & Almond Jam Bars

I'm so happy I was able to squeeze in a ration menu this week! This menu came from the lunchbox meals for taking to school. 
Here's the menu:
Baked Bean Sandwich Spiced Beets Sliced Peaches Almond Jam Bars Milk
I didn't have any beets, which was sad, because I would've loved to make spiced beets! I used some fresh peaches we had instead since they're in season anyway.

First of all, about the sandwich... I love baked beans on toast spread with butter (I use Bush's Baked Beans because they're my favorite), but I was wary of this sandwich for some reason. Let me tell you though, this sandwich was awesome!!! Like beans on toast, but with the softer bread texture. I made it by spreading the bread with butter first, mashed up a 1/2 cup or so of room-temp baked beans, and then spread it on. So good!

The Almond Jam Bars were interesting. They were more crumbly than I like, but were still yummy The almond comes from almond extract in the dough paired with cinnamon a…

Wartime Menu Challenge: August - Finale!

I can't believe it's been six months already! The end of the challenge is finally here, and I've planned something special. I've pulled this month's menus from a ration cookbook from my collection that I haven't had the chance to explore yet. I've loved exploring the awesome variety of wartime recipes in this rare cookbook.

The menus feature lunch box ideas. I wanted to go back to this topic, because it's fun and there are so many great lunch ideas from wartime! The book has four different weeks of lunch box menus for four different job types - school, office, factory, and home - and I share them all! That's a lot of great ideas to help give your own lunch box a boost of 1940s wartime goodness.

Thanks again for following along! Please let me know if you try any of the recipes and how it went.

Keep checking back for more vintage recipes, challenges, and miscellaneous History adventures!

You can get the August menus HERE.

Wartime Menu Challenge: July - Griddlecakes

Griddlecakes, or pancakes, are a pretty standard feature around our house. I like trying new versions of the recipe to find different textures and variations on this American classic. Some of my favorite ration recipes for griddlecakes include Cornmeal Griddlecakes and Oatmeal Griddlecakes.
The recipe in this menu for griddlecakes was a new variation for me in that it used a couple tablespoons of cornmeal.

But first, let me show the menu:

Applesauce or Apple Juice Griddlecakes and Corn Syrup or Poached Eggs on Toast Slab Bacon Milk, Coffee
We love having applesauce on top of our pancakes or French Toast, so the applesauce suggestion was perfect. I used real maple syrup and some bacon ends I had in the depths of my freezer that I'd forgotten about. The griddlecake recipe was a good one! The cornmeal added a subtle texture that I thought was nice. It was great to have a familiar and easy meal for dinner!

Wartime Menu Challenge: July - Butterscotch Toast

I can't believe how long it's been since I've done some ration cooking. I've been going through withdrawals too, but when your kitchen is under renovation, there's not a whole lot you can do. Today's menu was something I fit into our regular dinnertime, even though this month's recipes focus on breakfast. I was thinking French Toast maybe, and knew one of the menus this month involved French Toast. Bingo! So here's the menu:

Chilled Orange Juice or Canned Tomato Juice French Toast or Butterscotch Toast Maple-Flavored Sirup (original spelling!) Crisp Bacon Strips (slab bacon) Milk, Coffee
This is what we actually ended up having due to not having some things on hand:
Grapefruit Juice Butterscotch Toast Egg Scramble  with Ground Beef, reconstituted dehydrated red & green peppers, and onions Milk
Having the protein in the meal was important to me, so I used some already cooked ground beef I had in the fridge, 7 of the bajillions of eggs laying around …