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Me - Sarah
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Welcome to History: Preserved! 

My goal here is to share my love of history and hopefully inspire others in some simple way.

To sum me up I'd have to say I am a history geek. No, I don't memorize dates. I am all about immersion - feeling, smelling, tasting, and doing history. This can be anything from rubbing my fingers over a delicious linen fabric, breathing in woodsmoke coming from a smoke house, cooking over a hearth, or feeling the twist of wool roving as I spin it on a walking wheel. And I'd have to say a huge weakness of mine is textiles! How I love 100% pure natural textiles: linen, wool, cotton, silk! There's just something about them that make me giddy. Whew! :-)

As to other things, I have worked in museums since I was 13, first started reenacting when I was 15, then moved on to living history at age 18, and eventually went on to earn a degree in History with a minor in Museum Studies. I guess history has always been and always will be in my blood! (Trust me, I tried going for a film degree, and then English, but the good Lord guided me back to History and I'm sure glad He did. It was the perfect fit! How could I have gotten so distracted?!)

I've had the pleasure of volunteering at the Monroe County Historical Museum (Indiana), the President Benjamin Harrison Home (Indiana), Conner Prairie (Indiana), the American West Heritage Center (Utah), and Kinder Farm Park & Museum (Maryland), and doing research at the Imperial War Museum in London. I've had the even greater pleasure of being employed as an historical interpreter at Conner Prairie and as Collections Photographer at Utah State University Museum of Anthropology.

I really enjoy sewing historical clothing and a wonderful friend and mentor, Suzanne, taught me how to sew Civil War clothing and pretty much everything else I know about sewing. I feel like I'm a slow learner, but really I just get easily distracted. So many historical periods to study - so little time! *Eeek!*

I did Civil War reenacting for 9 years, but gave it up for other time periods. Currently, I enjoy Regency, WWII-era, and would like to get into the late 1700s eventually. Just as soon as I get a few Regency things out of the way and a few 1940s dresses too...

Some miscellaneous, but important things - I met and married a wonderful guy in 2005 and we have three beautiful children. We homeschool and I'm working to instill my love of history in our children! We reside in Maryland (a place I never thought I would live, quite frankly), but it is delightfully chock full of historical jaunts within short distances which make me happy! Also, I'm an LDS Christian and love the Lord! My religion is as much apart of me as my passion for history is.

On the side I love writing fiction, photography, cooking & baking, and reading a good book... or collecting antique books. Oh yeah. And I like antiques.

Again, welcome! Enjoy your stay! Leave comments! Love History!!!


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