WWII Rationing Resources

Here is a list of resources about rationing and food during WWII as well as other aspects of life on the American homefront. I'll be adding more links as I find them.

General Homefront
*Kids of the Homefront Army
*The National Archives at Boston - America on the Homefront
*The National Archives Docs Teach - WWII Films (video clips of actual war films)

*Food Propaganda Posters WWII
*The Art of War: Propaganda (from the British National Archives)
*The National Archives - Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art of WWII
*War & The Environtment - World Wars posters (Courtesy of Yale's Cushing/Whitney Medical Library. This site provides citations for the posters as well!)

Rationing & Food
*Ames History - Rationing on the Homefront
*BBC History - Rationing in World War Two
*Learn NC - Wartime Food Rationing
*Oklahoma Historical Society - Rationing (a great explanation of the rationing program put out by the OPA)
*OPA Film - Wartime Nutrition ca. 1943 (an awesome primary resource film!)
*Records of the Office of Price Administration 1940-1949 (If you're ever in the neighborhood of the National Archives the records locations would be good to know!)
*Smithsonian Education - U.S. Rationing During WWII (geared towards elementary students)
*The National Archives at Boston - Rationing & Controlling Prices (includes actual radio clips, radio transcripts, and photographs of relating documents)
*The National WWII Museum - Take a Closer Look at Ration Books  (includes photos of actual ration documents)
*The National WWII Museum - Explanation of Rationing and How It Worked - lots of awesome resources!
*War-Era Food Posters - National Agricultural Library
*Wartime Recipes - British Wartime Recipes
*World Carrot Museum - Carrots in WWII (This is an interesting look at a specific food! British website.)
*Westinghouse Health-For-Victory Club Magazine covers (my flikr album)



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