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Be sure to check my "Historical Threads" tab! I've added some more pictures.

Following in the footsteps of my mentor, Suzanne, I started keeping a fabric diary. I got a regular desk journal and stapled fabrics into it as I made different Civil War dresses. I am so glad I did this! It is one of my most treasured keepsakes. Many of the fabrics in my journal I no longer have even scraps of.

If you're really into historical costumes, keeping a fabric journal is a great way to preserve scraps of not only all the clothing you make, but of period-appropriate fabrics that you find at the store or online to use for reference. (You could even print off examples from websites like Reproduction Fabrics to paste in your diary.)

Here are pictures of my own fabric diary from my years of Civil War reenacting. I'll be adding to it as I make new Regency gowns.

Dress ideas/Underpinnings & linings
The lieutenant stripes are another story... :-)

Underpinnings/linings continued.
Yes, I really made a bright red flannel petticoat!
It's warm!

Workdress & Apron fabrics
Some wools along the bottom

Day dress fabrics
That rainbow one in the second row is not period. Sometimes as a broke teenager I just had to use whatever I had on hand - in this case a very flamboyant rainbow-colored plaid! (That was for a friend's dress.)

Daydress continued... 
Balllgown fabrics


  1. This is a great idea! I think I would fall behind though.

    1. Hi Clair! If the fabric diary and a stapler are always handy, it's super easy to snip a scrap and stick it in as you go. It would be neat to have a fabric diary for your quilts!

  2. I recognize a lot of those fabric pieces!! :) What a great idea! Ahh... to be sewing again. My sewing machine arrives in a few months!

    1. Hey Emily! I think I even kept scraps from your dress. Did you see the picture of you with me in the "Historical Threads" tab? :-) It's always nice to get back into sewing again after a long absence.


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