Gold Corset?

So I've been holding off making my corset because I wanted to have some good silk for the outside of the corset. However, I've spent all of my pocket money on other fabrics and need to wait until payday. Well, I was reorganizing my fabric and setting aside my historical fabrics when I found some gold silk I had acquired a long time ago. I do believe I have enough to make a corset! The only thing, is that I was planning on purchasing some white silk. This gold stuff is really a dark, almost brassy gold. (see below) How will this look through a white Regency dress?! Will I need a corset cover of some kind? I want to be resourceful and thrifty and use what I have, but dark gold? Hmm... I'll have to think about this one.

The texture on the silk actually would have made it a less-fine, lower quality silk.
However, today, it's considered desirable to have that kind of texture and you have to pay a pretty penny to buy it!
Funny, huh?

Corset or no corset from this stuff? What do you think?


  1. I think that would make a beautiful corset, but perhaps test that it isn't going to show through the fabric of your dress (although, wouldn't you wear a chemise or something over it?). I think gold, like peach or pink, work well under light fabrics because they are more flesh-like in color.

    I love your new blog, you busybody. ;-)


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