I *HEART* My Remington

I acquired this portable 1930s typewriter at an antique store during a Saturday antiquing outing for a very reasonable sum. Oh, how I love the clacking and dinging of this wonderful piece of bygone technology!

I didn't buy it to sit on a shelf. I don't mind antiques for the sake of looking at - within reason. I really prefer them to have a purpose and function. So, I employ this typewriter to write a good friend of mine who is living overseas and who shares my same love of good old-fashioned letter writing. She told me she forgot how lovely a real typed letter feels in her hands. I would agree!

There is a quality and importance to these older technologies. To the rest of the world they may seem obsolete, but this functioning typewriter is a piece of our past, a part of our communication roots. And there's something about touching the real thing - touching our past - that is so magical. A reproduction can't do that. Just think of how many hours of typing and fingers this typewriter saw. Who knows what kinds of correspondence and paperwork scrolled through it's roll. It's got that special patina you just can't get instantly. Which, in this instant-everything world, is priceless.


  1. oooo- I own two typewriters and I love to type on them and do alot. I love yours! So pretty! my is not as cool. :)


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