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A bodkin is indeed used for lacing, in particular for lacing up a corset, as shown in the picture above. A bodkin has other uses, though. It can be used for making your own sashes or fabric ties (Think of a fabric "tube" - when you fold a long, narrow piece of cloth in half lengthwise, sew down the edge and then you insert the bodkin into the end, thread through the end and pull it through to turn the fabric tube inside out. This is very difficult to do without a bodkin. I've used safety pins before and it takes forever!)

A bodkin is a very useful tool indeed!

Thanks for all (2) who guessed! haha! :-)

According to a bodkin is:

a small, pointed instrument for making holes in cloth, leather,etc.
a long pinshaped instrument used by women to fasten up the hair.
a bluntneedlelike instrument for drawing tape, cord, etc.,through a loop, hem, or the like.


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