It's History Baby!

Yes another blog about history floating in the ether. And you're welcome. 

I might as well introduce myself. 

I'm Sarah.

No, I'm not a Union soldier, but I dressed up as one once. I even got to fire that shiny black powder rifle. It near tore my arm off! 

(Not to mention I was about 17 there, which I am NOT anymore...)

This is more what I look like. In this picture I'm an "ice angel" dressed in an 1860s work dress to carry a really heavy bucket of ice water during the Civil War reenactment of Billie Creek, IN for the parched reenactors who braved the elements (namely HEAT) in ridiculously hot wool uniforms. You BET they thought I was an angel! (The water I carried was also distinctly refreshing with ice and lemons in it. Mmmm!)

These days I'm a wife and a full-time mom of two adorable cutie pies.
I like history. A LOT. I also love photography, cooking & baking, doing historical research, writing, and sewing historical costumes, which you will see a whole lot of around here. (Even my wedding dress was an 1880s polonaise walking dress!)

Flip through the tabs at the top too. I'll be adding content about the topics you see there. I have a very particular focus in my interests as I'm sure you'll see.

And not that it matters, but as a stay-at-home-mom I just need to say that I have a bachelor's degree in History with a certificate in Museum Studies!!! And yes, I was one of those weird college students that would have written a 15-page research paper over taking a test any day! (15 pages is nothin', folks!) haha!

I've worked and volunteered for museums since I was 13, not to mention a 9 year stint as a Civil War reenactor. Among the lovely museums I have worked/volunteered for are:

Monroe County Historical Museum - Indiana
Benjamin Harrison Historical Home - Indiana
Conner Prairie Living History Museum  - Indiana
Museum of Anthropology at Utah State University - Utah
American West Heritage Center - Utah
Kinder Farm Park - Maryland

I have also had the distinct privilege of doing research at the Imperial War Museum in London, England.
My not-so-inner history geek was pretty much drooling the whole time.

Have some fun with history and enjoy your stay!


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