And It Begins!

My interface fabric pattern for the chemise

I'm finally on my way to making my Regency underpinnings. I'm going to try and do one project a month. November will be the chemise - the garment that goes under the stays. It's a pretty simple pattern and very similar to my 1860s one, except that the Regency one has sleeves. My only dilemma is whether to use cotton or linen. I've always used cotton because it's inexpensive, but I do have some linen I bought especially for underpinnings (a lovely linen/cotton blend!) and I just think the feel would be really nice; even luxurious. Doesn't that sound funny? Linen was so common back then and now - it doesn't get that much notice. Personally I love linen, so I'm kind of leaning toward it...

I've already printed out the pattern (it was a download), taped it all together, cut them out, and copied them onto an interface lining-type fabric so that it will be more sturdy. Now, I just have to cut out the fabric! Yay!

And since this pattern is so simple, I may be lucky enough to start my short stays this month too. I might need another trip to Gettysburg for some boning (oh darn!) unless I get ambitious and do quilting on it instead. I'd like to try another technique to expand my skills and quilting is cheaper... And it's not like I need the "extra" support or anything. Ha!


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