A New Little Sewing Corner

I finally sat down last night with a needle and thread to continue work on my Regency chemise. I've decided that it will be my project for the Challenge #1 (a project ending in the year __13) for The Dreamstress' Historical Fortnightly Sew. I have been looking for opportunities to improve my hand sewing, so this will be a perfect project. My hand sewing leaves much to be desired, but at least I'm improving in being able to sew a straight line! I really need to learn some new stitches and historical sewing vocab too.

Also, I ordered something very exciting! Or rather somethings. I went on ebay and found a few original 1940s dress patterns and got them! I have 3 total, I think, maybe 4 and I got a little girls pattern too so I can try my hand at a few dresses for my daughter. I absolutely adore WWII era (it was my first history love), especially the fashion. One of the patterns is in my size, the rest I'll need to adjust. That will be a fun experiment! I'll get some pictures of the patterns up soon. My biggest worry is finding period fabrics and prints, etc. I haven't studied the fabrics of the time too closely, so that will be another project.

So, I went to the thrift store in town yesterday and I found an intriguing large bundle of white fabric for $4. It looked like cotton, so I got it. When I got home, I unraveled it and I had scored 10.5 yards of 36" muslin!!! Oh yeah! I couldn't believe it. What a find for $4! I'm pretty thrilled about that. :-)

On another topic, we've been in a fit of rearranging the house lately. We only bought our house and moved in last May so rearranging is bound to happen as you settle in. One interesting development was that we cleaned out the  upstairs closet for my sewing things and the little nook between the closet and the bathroom is where my sewing desk is now! There's a large window right there overlooking the woods, so it's a pretty view, but that is going to be very interesting sewing in a little corner. I hope I don't get too claustrophobic.

You can see the gate where we keep out our daughter. She is notorious for being extra, extra curious in the bathroom. We have to keep tabs on her! The closet on the right is where my sewing things will go, but before we can do that we need to do some plaster repair work. *sigh* That's what comes with an older house!


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