The Historical Sewing Challenge

Happy New Year! Sorry for the long silence. Holidays will do that to ya!

I heard about this interesting challenge called "The Historical Sew Fortnightly" over at The Dreamstress. Every two weeks there is a different themed challenge regarding sewing a historical item of clothing, accessory, etc. Challenge #0 started two weeks before the end of the year. The theme was "Starting Simply" and to just do a simple project. I was a bit late and posted my project yesterday.

Here it is! It's supposed to be a round, corded reticule.
It was an experiment, which is my way of justifying why it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.

Pretty fabric!
What is it?: It's a corded round reticule for the Regency period. 
The Challenge: Starting Simple. 
Fabric: An embroidered cotton/poly blend outer, gold silk lining (remember my gold corset? Same silk!), gold generic tassel, and floral embroidered cream-colored ribbon. 
Pattern: I totally winged it on this one. Sketchy measuring at best and fudging when it didn't work out. 
Year: Made to be used for Regency-era things.
How historically accurate is it? Umm... Well, the only one I've seen was the one that I saw in the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth "Pride & Prejudice" movie. Lydia is carrying a round corded reticule when she's leaving (or arriving?) Longbourn with her new husband, Wickham. I thought it was a fascinating reticule and wanted to try and make one. I haven't found any pictures of historical ones exactly like this, so it was really just an experiment.
Hours to complete: 3 hours
First worn: Haven't used it yet!
Total cost: about $12. The outer fabric was normally $30/yard, but I got this scrap out of the remnant bin 1/2 off so it only cost me about $8. Bonus! Then I bought ribbon and the tassel. Already had the silk.

Challenge #1 is supposed to be a garment dating from a __13 date be it 1613, 1813 or 1913. I have no clue what I'm going to do and I haven't even started. I better find something quick! I'd really like to make a bonnet, but I suppose I could just get started on a dress that I already have the pattern for.


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