Off the Bandwagon

Okay, so I had to fall off the bandwagon of The Historical Sew Fortnightly. What with homeschooling and my sporadic sewing habits there was no way I could keep up with a sewing project every two weeks. The good thing is that it kept me motivated with working on what I do have to do. I even found a sewing buddy who lives in D.C. (1 hour away) via the sewing message forum. She came over with her little girl last Saturday and we chatted and sewed for several hours. I got all my seams flat felled on my linen/cotton Regency chemise! This is totally awesome because I was at a standstill with it mainly because I had determined the whole chemise would be hand-sewn and I kept forgetting to sit down with the darn thing and just sew it! Now all that's left is the neckline and hemming the sleeves and bottom. Yippee!


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