Fabulous Book Finds

I just had to share what I found at my favorite used book store, Wonder Book!

I already have a copy of this reprint of the Sears & Robuck 1900s catalog, but I had cut it up as a teenager to use for crafts... What was I thinking?! I've always felt guilty about it ever since. This book is totally out of print, so when I saw it on the shelf (and we had a coupon for everything buy one get one free!), I felt I needed to get it to ease my guilt over the years. Now I'll actually have a complete copy to study. Whew!

I've been wanting a copy of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook, and I was thrilled to find a 1922 edition. There is even a little goody tucked inside as a bookmark of an envelope with a stamp and the postal mark from 1943! Score!

The last book is on a topic I have been wondering about - how did the government get Americans to "do their bit" for the war effort and to reliquish so much control to the government? I guess it's understandable for the British, but the Americans? (I've always contemplated if the same measures during the World Wars would go down so well today. Something tells me NO. haha!) This book "Uncle Sam Wants YOU" addresses this topic and I am so excited to read about it. Yippee!

P.S. Take a look at the button on the side for the Sew For Victory! Sew Along. The deadline is April 1st, but what a super fun thing! It's totally up my alley. I think it's the perfect opportunity to make that 1940s apron I've been putting off...


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