A couple weeks ago I met a sweet lady at JoAnn Fabrics who was working at the fabric cutting counter. It was her first day and someone was training her to cut fabric. As she was helping me, she saw my fabric and asked me what I was making: 
The said fabric: a very cool cotton print. I love the geometric overlapping diamonds in orange.
 And don't mind the Lego horse. I didn't have a penny on hand for scale, so he had to do.  :-)
I told her I wasn't making anything in particular. I was just trying to find some 1940s-esque fabrics and this one fit the bill, I felt. She said she thought it looked from that era and mentioned she had some of her mom's old hats and a brown velvet dress she was trying to sell. I told her I would totally be interested, so I got her number and went to see her today. She sold these two lovely 40s' felt hats for a very nice price. She said she wanted them to go to someone that would appreciate them.

I loved the sassy feathers on this gold-colored felt. And the bow in the back is so sweet!
I loved this demure brown felt hat with the ribbon piping, feather, veil, and pin.
Unfortunately the veil is brittle and falling apart and half the feather fluff has come off, but I just loved the shape!

From this angle it almost reminds me of a bonnet from the Regency era!

This is my first time owning vintage hats. She felt they were from the 1940s, and I'm inclined to agree, though I'm not expert. Still, I am really excited! Now I need to find a hat box...


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