For anyone that knows me, they know that I don't normally geek out about shoes. I have uber high arches and slightly wide feet, so I am really limited in what I can buy to begin with, let alone what feels comfortable. So usually, my shoes are very practical and I never wear a heel higher than one inch. I've told my husband he should be grateful that I own less than 10 pairs of shoes. I'm not lying! That's all I have!

Well, what people may not know is that I secretly love shoes - historically inspired ones to be exact. I will readily drool over 1940s "librarian" shoes, 1780s pumps, or these incredibly amazing Edwardian shoes pictured below:

I am SO in love with these!

Well, I was reading a new post at one of my favorite new websites and she was wearing these awesome 40s vintage-style shoes to go with a very pretty 1946 dress she had made. I assumed they were a pair of pricey repros, but below she said she got them from Payless! I couldn't believe it! So I looked them up of course - and they were sold out online. Then I started calling around stores in my area (I could tell it was serious by then), and I found one store that had one pair left in my size! Can you believe it?!

So I went and tried them on and they fit perfectly. Not only that, they were comfortable! And they have a sizeable heel on them. That's saying a lot for my feet and I was super happy. Finally! I have a passable pair of vintage-looking shoes! Yipee!

Now all I need is to finally make that 1940s dress I've got the pattern for to go with my shoes. What a great motivation. :-)

Please ignore the jeans and argyle socks! haha!

Here are some fun historical/vintage-inspired shoe website links:

Burnley & Trowbridge (good quality late 1700s reproduction shoes)


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