Regency Corset Finished!

 Well, it's finally finished! I think it's the best looking corset I've ever made, which is pretty good considering my lack of patience when it comes to corsets. I really like how the striped linen turned out. I'm not modeling them for modesty's sake, but they are very comfortable. They feel more like a modern bra, but with a very different silhouette. It definitely gives the bust "shelf" of typical Regency fashion. My only adjustment for next time (yes, I'm thinking of making another one) is that there's about a 1/4" gappage on each side around the gussets, so I think I may need to narrow them a bit. For this corset I may put in a small drawstring on both sides.

The front of the corset with the quilting, gussets, and teeny tiny lacing holes.
Arrg. I really should have made those bigger. I can't even fit a safety pin through them to aid in my lacing!  I need to find my tiny safety pin and maybe use regular narrow grosgrain ribbon to lace my corset with. *sigh*

The back.
Hooray! A finished corset! Now I can finally get to work on a dress!


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