The Sunday Star 1960

Here's another treasure that I found at the oh-so-fabulous Wonderbook bookstore. When I first saw it, I originally got it with my father-in-law in mind because of its sci-fi subject matter, but the more I flipped through this April 1960 issue of The Sunday Star, the more I was excited about the other fun bits inside.

The cover.
Have you ever seen the movie "October Sky"? Homer is obsessed with this rocket scientist Dr. Wernher VonBraun. Well, guess who the author is of the feature story? Dr. VonBraun! He totally wrote this short story about life on Mars, using his "genius of rocketry" and "lifetime experience" to write a fabulous space adventure. Haha! How cool is that?! (Can you tell I grew up with Star Trek?)

I love the pictures!

"The Earthmen encounter their first Martians!"

I thought this advertisement was slightly creepy, but so amazingly awesome too.
Cute little cut-out people standing on slabs of meat? What?! haha!

This ad made me laugh out loud. They were so much more direct back then. What's happened to our brutal honesty? "When I saw Joan Wilkins I felt like an old witch!" hahahaha!  
She gives herself a facial 3 times a day... Whoa.

I'm not sure when the direct approach waned from adverts. I know during the 40s they were even worse than this ad. Fascinating stuff.


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