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Claude Moore Colonial Farm

This farm museum just happens to be across the street from the CIA Headquarters on this little,  innocent-looking side road. Who knew?! My family and I were spending a week down in northern Virginia and it was a good opportunity to search out the less-thought of places to visit. (So, we did not go into D.C.) One place that I was looking forward to was a small museum called the Claude Moore Colonial Farm. It was a delightful, inexpensive museum that was perfect for spending a few morning hours with small children. The walk to the farm and around the gravel paths was easy and just the right length for little legs.  the tobacco barn This single-family farm is set in 1771 where they are growing rye, tobacco, flax, garden produce, and various livestock like cows, turkeys, geese, and chickens. There were only two actual structures on the large property, but it was a lovely walk through woods and around fields. My one trepidation about the place was that the costumed museum

An Historical Outing

My family was able to go on a short little vacation down near D.C. while my husband was doing some training for work. It's amazing how many things there are to do within a 30 minute radius over by Dulles Airport! We took two trips to the National Air & Space Museum next to the airport - once with just me and the kids, and once with my husband after he got off work. I'm not really into airplanes, but I am interested in technology and history geeky stuff, so there was plenty for all of us to enjoy. Here are a few things that caught my eye: Dual prop plane to solve the problem of using a machine gun during WWI. I'm not that interested in guns, but this machine gun is retro cool.  The Enola Gay. This one gave me chills because I actually remembered this plane. It dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima during WWII. Whoa. Things from Charles & Anne Lindburgh's exploratory flights. Had to get a shot of their awesome rations! Anothe