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A Dress Update and a Freebie

I mentioned before that my dress fits well, but is impossible to get out of because the sleeves are way too tight. I decided to take out my sleeves and add in a gusset-type insert so that they won't be so darn tight. I couldn't bear to undo my nicely finished sleeve ends, so I figured taking the sleeves off the shoulder and ripping the sleeve seam down the length was much easier. So, that is the state they are in now until I can figure out what size of "gusset" I want to put in there without altering the look of the sleeve too much. I may just have to experiment. It makes me a little nervous because I don't have a lot of fabric left. And I don't know if I should cut the new piece on the bias or not... Stuff to figure out, that's for sure!

The freebie mentioned in the title is an exciting one via Lucky Lucille. She's offering a free pdf or ebook download of an original 1944 issue of Butterick Fashion News magazine that she owns. Pretty sweet! Check it …

Nearly Complete!

My Regency drawstring dress is nearly complete! I haven't done the skirt hem yet, but I had to try it on. I really like this style, though I do need to make the sleeves a little bit bigger as they're tight on my arms. It was a nearly impossible workout to get the dress off! My husband, who was helping, just mumbled that I should put in a zipper up the back. I, of course, looked at him in horror and cried, "No!" haha!

Here are some pictures: (And please forgive the ridiculous sideways pictures. Blogger is being stupid about unrotating my pictures again!)

I found myself in Gettysburg yesterday, so I stopped at the fabric shop (as always!) and picked up a lovely window pane sheer cotton for an apron and an embroidered cotton for a 2-piece bonnet, along with a packet of 1790-1820 bonnet patterns. Hooray!

I was excited to find some websites about making Regency bonnets:
How to Make a Regency Era Bonnet
A Quick Regency Poke Bonnet
Hats by Leko
Trimming a Regency Bonnet by Jenn…

Progress on the Regency Dress

I've nearly finished the bodice of my Regency drawstring dress. I still have to put the sleeves on, but so far it looks really cool! I've decided to go with this fabric:

and I'm really glad I did! I have the perfect velvet blue ribbon to match the blue flowers and I'm hoping to get some rust silk for a bonnet and making my rust-colored linen spencer. I don't know why this picture is sideways - how frustrating! Anyway, it's the best picture I have of my progress so far.

Top 14 Historical Movies According to Me

I just finished watching the 2009 version of Emma while working on my Regency pattern pieces. It was a good choice to watch, as the movie was full of inspiring early 1800s dresses! I loved that they were mostly simple with good examples of trimmings and bodice styles. And the best part was that I saw several plain linen dresses! This gave me some hope in regards to my lovely green linen as a potential dress.

Well, watching this movie got me to thinking of other influential historical movies that I've watched, and like any self-respecting blogger I had to make a list. haha! Now this list may not be what you're expecting. The movies I've chosen are ones that have had a huge influence on me, starting as a young teenager. Some of them may make you laugh... but don't! Okay, you can, but do it quietly when I'm not looking. ;-)

Choosing was harder than I expected, because obviously there are a thousand movies I could have chosen, but these boil down to ones that have infl…

Choices, Choices

I'm about to get started on my Regency dress - finally! First I have to piece together the pattern, then trace it out on interfacing since I bought the e-pattern from It's a pretty intense process, but that's the price to pay for the cheaper cost to purchase and instant delivery with no shipping!

I've recycled a few of my Civil War dresses, which have at least 4 1/2 yards in each skirt. But now I have a dilemma. I have a few fabrics to choose from and I don't know which ones are more period correct, especially as I did get most of the fabric with the 1860s in mind. I can't afford to get any new fabric right now, so here's what I've got:

Any opinions out there would be welcome!

150th Gettysburg!

Yesterday at Gettysburg was awesome! And it was tiring, hot, humid, and it reminded me of all the reasons I stopped reenacting. Ha! One wonderful advantage was meeting up with a very old friend and having his tent fly be a refuge from the sun.
This was my first time going to an event in costume with children and that was an interesting challenge. I felt like we were wandering in circles and only taking short little trips to explore which was a little frustrating, but it was what we could handle. We spent a fortune on ice cold lemonades, but we were grateful for the kindness of strangers including a ride on the Confederate tractor shuttle when we accidentally went to the wrong camp waaaaaay on the other side of the event when looking for my friend.
The variety of sutlers was great and I was thrilled to see a dulcimer/old banjo sutler, an old-fashioned toy sutler, and a lady with a nice deal on bone buttons and hat pins which I needed sorely! I was very grateful for the almost constant…

Preparing for Gettysburg

Tomorrow is the day we will be heading up to Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary event! I am a little anxious about the crowds and finding out where to park (they neglected to say anything about it in the packet they sent with the tickets - arrrg!), but I am excited to finally be going after making a promise to myself 15 years ago that I would go.

Not only that, but we'll be going in costume! Okay, so my husband will be going in a 150th Gettysburg t-shirt I bought online in advance, but our little 3 year old girl will be going in her Boone dress. When I made it before she decided to hate it and refused to even try it on. When I showed it to her again yesterday she gasped and said how pretty it was and even gave it a hug! Sheesh! :-) Our 6 year old boy will be going in an outfit I'm pretty proud of. I just finished his pants yesterday. We had to fit on grosgrain ribbon for suspenders since the pants were still too big for around his waist. Overall, though it tu…