A Dress Update and a Freebie

I mentioned before that my dress fits well, but is impossible to get out of because the sleeves are way too tight. I decided to take out my sleeves and add in a gusset-type insert so that they won't be so darn tight. I couldn't bear to undo my nicely finished sleeve ends, so I figured taking the sleeves off the shoulder and ripping the sleeve seam down the length was much easier. So, that is the state they are in now until I can figure out what size of "gusset" I want to put in there without altering the look of the sleeve too much. I may just have to experiment. It makes me a little nervous because I don't have a lot of fabric left. And I don't know if I should cut the new piece on the bias or not... Stuff to figure out, that's for sure!

photo from Lucky Lucille

The freebie mentioned in the title is an exciting one via Lucky Lucille. She's offering a free pdf or ebook download of an original 1944 issue of Butterick Fashion News magazine that she owns. Pretty sweet! Check it out here.

I've considered doing the same thing myself with some original pamphlets and things I have, but I'm not sure about how copyright laws apply, so I don't know... It's something I need to look into.


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