Nearly Complete!

My Regency drawstring dress is nearly complete! I haven't done the skirt hem yet, but I had to try it on. I really like this style, though I do need to make the sleeves a little bit bigger as they're tight on my arms. It was a nearly impossible workout to get the dress off! My husband, who was helping, just mumbled that I should put in a zipper up the back. I, of course, looked at him in horror and cried, "No!" haha!

Here are some pictures: (And please forgive the ridiculous sideways pictures. Blogger is being stupid about unrotating my pictures again!)

This is the drawstring that gathers the front bodice.
I also opted to put all the back skirt gathers between the side back seams.
I think it's one of those cool fashion details from the Regency.
I found myself in Gettysburg yesterday, so I stopped at the fabric shop (as always!) and picked up a lovely window pane sheer cotton for an apron and an embroidered cotton for a 2-piece bonnet, along with a packet of 1790-1820 bonnet patterns. Hooray!

I was excited to find some websites about making Regency bonnets:
How to Make a Regency Era Bonnet
A Quick Regency Poke Bonnet
Hats by Leko
Trimming a Regency Bonnet by Jennifer
Regency Hats & Bonnets
How to Make a Regency Bonnet
A Regency Poke Bonnet in 10 Steps


  1. Ooh, it's so lovely!!! It's turned out really well, and suits you too!

  2. Wow, you can rock this style! You look so natural in the regency era. I totally love how your dress is coming out and that fabric is so great.

    I had similar problems wiggling in and out of my regency drawstring gowns. You can add a center back opening to it which helps a lot with making it easier to get in and out! It pushes that date of the dress forward a bit, but not much.

    Sideways or not, the pics are wonderful. I love this dress!


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