1942 McCalls

My husband left two weeks ago to spend 4 months overseas on a temporary job assignment, so things have been a bit crazy with ensuing drama after he left. (like insane car problems, dryer problems, computer problems, etc.) I feel like things are slowly calming down and once the kids were tucked in bed tonight, felt I could finally devote a little love to the blog.

A friend of mine has been graciously letting me borrow her 1940s McCalls women's magazines and boy have they been fun! Here are a couple images from April 1942:

I love this picture of the boys - and I got all giddy with excitement over the ration stamps in the foreground!
(Man, I am some weird kind of geek! haha!)

Hmm! Do you think some of these could still work today?

The whole family is doing "their bit" with a lot of help from Lipton Tea, apparently.

Ooooh! Anyone for a slice of Plum Nut Cake?

And I couldn't leave out the latest fashions.
These dresses are to die for!


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