Sleeve Update

I have been thrilled with how easily my Regency dress went together. The drawstring look is not the most flattering on me (it poofs out at the belly from the gathers - a really bad place to poof!), but I am happy with it overall. I fixed the sleeves with a gusset-type insert and was so excited that they turned out perfectly and fit so much better! I was even able to get the dress on and off without assistance. Hooray! I'm going to be working on the hem next. I'm thinking of putting in a tuck and then try adding a gathered something at the bottom as the hem needs some weight. To do that I'll need pinking shears though.

I'm happy with how well the insert is hidden by the pattern.
I also added some of the blue velvet trim to the sleeves. I'm not sure about the look or the placement, so I may or may not keep it there. 

Also, I just found out about a free 1812 event happening east of D.C. at the Riversdale House Museum at the end of August. I think I'll take the kids and go! I don't have Regency outfits for them yet, but do you think people would notice if I put them in their 1860s clothes??? My daughter's Boone dress spans quite a few decades, but my son's outfit is definitely 1860s. I don't have any Regency boys patterns. Any suggestions?

I have also been thinking of redoing my Regency long stays. I think the main problem was that they were too long and that I need to shorten the busk. I would dearly like to take a Burnley & Trowbridge workshop on the 1810 stays... maybe next year if they offer it.


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