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Happy Defender's Day!

My kids and I attended the much anticipated Defender's Day in Baltimore, Maryland at Fort McHenry on the 14th. Defender's Day is Maryland's oldest holiday and celebrates the new United States' victory over the British attack from the harbor on the Fort in 1814. This is also the same battle where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the Star Spangled Banner... and it was where they were going to fly the hand-stitched replica wool bunting flag that I blogged about awhile back! See the new trim on the bottom of my skirt? It's a bummer my sleeve trim isn't showing in this picture. It was the perfect time to wear my new Regency dress. I definitely put it through its paces! I can also tell that I slouch way too much. The straps of my short stays dug into the front of my shoulders by my underarms like crazy! I even have the marks to prove it. I also learned why they wore a scarf around their shoulders and tucked into the top of the bodice - the back