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This past week I looked over my pattern for the cross-over Regency dress (from and there is no way that 2 1/2 yards will cut it. So, the choice was made for me. It's going to be the red roller-print fabric! I'm a little bummed, only because I originally picked out that print for a late 1700s dress - my first dress of that period - but since I'm not quite to the point of moving on to another time period right now, I'll just have to find something different later. *sigh* Besides, I don't even know if this print would be appropriate for the late 1700s. I need to do more research anyway.


Okay, so I went back to the website and I'm realizing that the cross-over gown actually looks better suited to a silk, not cotton. Which now brings me back to square one, dang it! I think I'm going to get her original Regency gown pattern along with the neck supplement and make a dress with the higher neckline and with short sleeves and the long sleeve inserts. I just keep thinking of how bad my sun burn was from Defender's Day in September and how it would have been much better to have a higher neckline! I'm considering volunteering there at Ft. McHenry and if it all works out I'd like to have a much more practical dress for being out of doors in the summer. Hmm! It looks like I've got some more thinking to do.

Also, I keep thinking of the dresses in the new "Emma" film and how I loved their simplicity and fabrics (linen!). I'm not sure exactly what time they set "Emma". The early 1800 fashions still blend a lot in my mind. Anyone know of a good reference book or website that sorts that all out?


  1. The Sensibility crossover gown pattern does seem well suited for silks, and is almost an exact copy of a dress worn in the 1995 'Sense & Sensibility' which is also silk. However, all the extant photos I've seen of crossover gowns show them in cotton. I could send you some pictures! :)

    1. Oh, yes, please do! I'd love to see the ones done in cotton. I was sad about giving it up, but excited to try a dress with a higher neckline too, hopefully without looking too much like Mrs. Bates!


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