Project 52: Rationing - Week 20 - Ham Turnovers

I saw this recipe for Ham Turnovers in Grandma's Wartime Kitchen and got excited. I've been in a cooking slump lately with regular meal planning and it was the first recipe to peak my interest. I knew I had to make it for dinner one night.

The great thing about this recipe is that you could essentially put any leftover meat and veggies in the turnover which is a great way to reduce wasted leftovers. And an interesting thing about these turnovers is that the pastry part is biscuit dough instead of the usual pie crust. Biscuit dough uses less shortening/butter than pie crust, so if you're looking to save fat for rationing purposes, this is a good idea.

Once again, a nice easy recipe with simple ingredients: leftover ham, dill relish, mustard, and milk. That's it! I doubled the recipe because I wanted to freeze leftovers. (And just for kicks, I made a few ham and cheese ones as well and they were awesome!)

Ham, dill relish, mustard, and milk

Combine all the ingredients
Combine the ingredients and prepare the biscuit dough.
Biscuit dough
Roll out the biscuit dough and cut into squares. I doubled the biscuit dough recipe as well to accommodate all that extra filling I made.

Fill the squares with the ham filling, fold over into triangles, moisten the edges and seal. Easier said than done, let me tell you! If the dough is too soft you might need to chill it for an hour before working with it.

Ham Turnovers - raw

Ham Turnovers - baked

Yes, the ham poked a hole and I was lazy about sealing the edges... Haha!
The ham turnovers turned out really well! They were tangy from the relish and mustard, and the biscuit dough had a lovely, buttery texture and it didn't taste overly fatty like pie crust sometimes can. Adding some leftover cheddar cheese wouldn't be a bad addition to tame the tang.
Inside a tasty ham turnover...
Give it a try. Like the recipe says, these turnovers would make a nice change from the regular lunch sandwich.


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