Humorous Takes on History

I think historical accuracy is important, but sometimes it's really fun to take a jab at history and stretch it just a bit for entertainment's sake. I've found two things I had to share that I find extremely hilarious (not to mention really cool) and they both happen to do with the Revolutionary War. I hope you enjoy!

The first is a skit called "Founding Fathers" by comedy troop Studio C. If you haven't heard of them, I'd recommend checking them out. I'd describe them as a much cleaner version of SNL. No, not all their skits are awesome enough to gush about, but there are a lot that really stand out and are always good for a laugh. (If you want to know the really good ones, just let me know! haha!)

The next is a music video parody by Soomo Publishing. It's set to the song "Too Late to Apologize". I'm not a fan of the original lyrics, but this version changes the words to be about the Declaration of Independence. It's compelling, funny, and downright cool! Okay, it's a little silly too, but in a sweet rocker way. You'll just have to watch it. :-)

Do you know of any funny takes on history? Feel free to share!


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