WWII Cigarette Cards

I had never heard of WWII cigarette cards until my good friend, Mairi, sent me one she found in an antique shop in Glasgow:
I instantly fell in love with this cool little card! I thought it was a fantastic glimpse into wartime Britain. What I found out was that in every carton of cigarettes there was a collectible card. There were numerous series of cards produced. The card above is one of a series of 50 about Air Raid Precautions. There were also cards series about Aircraft, Army Badges, Modern Navel Craft, etc. I found a great page on ebay that lists a whole bunch of the military type ones. 

I was super excited to obtain a complete set of these Air Raid Precaution cards from England recently.
Here are a few more in the set that I thought were neat:

I love her outfit! She looks so professional in that ventilated gas-proof shelter.

That picture of the civilian Anti-gas school is a bit creepy, isn't it?


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