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Ration Recipe Directory

I've put up a new tab called "Ration Recipe Directory". I thought it was time to organize the recipes from my "Project 52: Rationing" project according to type to make it easier for you to find the one you want. As I make new ration recipes in the future, I'll add them to the list too. I hope you keep coming back to try a ration recipe or two! Check out the final post of my project to see which recipes I tried were the top 10 best and top 10 worst recipes if you want to have a good place to start.

Project 12: Sewing - 18th Century Girl's Shift

For February's goal I wanted to finish my 5 year old daughter's 18th century shift I had started a month or so ago. It's been nice finishing up all these loose-end projects. And the most important part?I made the deadline! Hooray! I actually ended up making 2 shifts. From the start I want to say that I am not going for 100% authenticity here. As I'm starting a new time period, the important thing right now is getting us outfitted and ready for going to an event in period clothing, and the thought of hand-sewing all of our clothing is a bit much for me! So, both of these are machine stitched and since these are underclothing where not much of it will be seen, I felt totally justified in cheating. haha! (Oh my gosh - I never would have said such things 15 years ago as a Civil War reenactor! I think I was a bit of a snob...) Don't get me wrong. Authenticity is important, but as I've learned over the years, everyone goes at this hobby from their own level and a

WWII Ration Recipe - Eggless Applesauce Cake

Today it was blizzarding outside and our old house is a bit chilly, so baking a warm, comforting cake seemed just the thing to do this afternoon! My goodness, how I've missed cooking ration recipes and posting about them! In fact, I had just announced to my husband I was going to make a new ration recipe (and I was all happy and bubbly about it) when he said, "Aren't you supposed to be working on your sewing challenge instead?" haha! He's right! I've been working on my daughter's chemise and while it's a simple thing to make, those darn underarm gussets get me every time! So, it's still in progress. Anyway, on to the new WWII ration recipe! I'm not going to be posting anymore of the tutorials or do much historical background, but I'll still post a picture of the finished product and the recipe so you can try it for yourself. I probably won't try anything too crazy again, not unless it's irresistible! haha! Today I flipped

Fake Food for History

Yeah, It's been a little quiet around here. Sorry about that! It's been part hibernation due to wintery weather, part busy birthday season in our family. This week I'm hoping to finish up a chemise for my 5 year old little girl to post about. In the meantime I wanted to share an article my step-mom shared with me about a woman who makes fake food for museums. You may have seen fake food when you've gone to historical museums. I've wondered a time or two where they get the food and I'll admit in my inner thoughts I made fun of it because it's fake and sometimes silly-looking in such a static environment. After reading this article, though, I've gained a greater appreciation for this obscure art for creating fake food to compliment historical homes and museums throughout our country in helping to educate and create a certain atmosphere. Wonderful stuff! To read the article go here . One last thing - I recently found a wonderfully talented  woman

Project 12: Sewing - 1940s "Swing" Dress

Sewing this dress was fraught with frustration! I stumbled on the step for the shoulders (again), the sleeves didn't fit and therefore when I thought  I was done, I wasn't because if you can't get the dress on over your head, then you're not done are you?? And then I ran out of thread. Aack! But I survived.  I'm just pleased that I finally made the 2nd deadline I made for myself! Well, it's not completely finished - I need to sew in the snap tape and hem the skirtline, but other than that, it's done! I plan on doing the rest this afternoon. Here is my dress in disgrace. I should have taken a picture before  I ripped out the sleeves that were too small. Apparently my body doesn't conform to standard sizes. Ha! I'm even wearing my '40s hat! And the dress has shoulder pads (my '80s self is still in denial about it) Here is the dress with finished sleeves that fit! I'm hiding the side that still needs the snap tape. Also, I