Fake Food for History

Yeah, It's been a little quiet around here. Sorry about that! It's been part hibernation due to wintery weather, part busy birthday season in our family. This week I'm hoping to finish up a chemise for my 5 year old little girl to post about.

In the meantime I wanted to share an article my step-mom shared with me about a woman who makes fake food for museums. You may have seen fake food when you've gone to historical museums. I've wondered a time or two where they get the food and I'll admit in my inner thoughts I made fun of it because it's fake and sometimes silly-looking in such a static environment.

After reading this article, though, I've gained a greater appreciation for this obscure art for creating fake food to compliment historical homes and museums throughout our country in helping to educate and create a certain atmosphere.

Wonderful stuff!

To read the article go here.

One last thing - I recently found a wonderfully talented woman that drafts 18th century corset to your measurements and she can make them lace front AND back (hooray for not feeling claustrophobic)! I'm super excited because of all the corsets out there, the late 18th century ones intimidate me the most. But if I'm going to make my Rev War clothes I have to have a corset first. Now I just need to get her my measurements...


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