Cooking on a Ration or Food is Still Fun

I am so excited! I have had my eye on this 1943 book every since the beginning of last year when I started my WWII ration recipe project. It's called Cooking on a Ration - or Food is Still Fun. haha! I love the title! And the author, Marjorie Mills is so witty and interesting to read. You can just tell that she loves food and thrills at writing about it. Here's a little quote:

"We have taken a sudden nose-dive from happy-go-lucky splashing about with plenty of whipping cream, pounds of butter, sirloin steaks and rib roasts."

haha! I love 'splashing about with whipping cream'! Here's another quote:

"In the troubled universe it's more than ever important to make mealtime loom up as a little island of serenity and contentment. As we've been trying to demonstrate in these chapters, it can be done -- but it takes wit and wisdom. We're urged to grow and eat many more vegetables, but if the same limp and dejected vegetables trail across the dinner table, it will be a sawdust path of duty. (Sorry to scold, but the way some people cook vegetables is scandalous. It's no wonder families rebel.)"

Haha! So delightful! I really can't tell you how much I love her writing. I'd be sharing quote after quote if I didn't stop right here. Marjorie Mills truly embraces the secondary title of her book: Food is Still Fun!

The great news is that you can actually borrow this book for free through an online library-type site! I think you get to check it out for 2 or 3 weeks. I'd really recommend it. Even if you gloss over the recipes (many of which look awesome!), her writing is exceptional and you'll be glad you took the time.


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