March Sewing Progress

I thought I'd just check in with you about my March sewing project. I've gotten an early start this time and am trying to work on it in little spurts.

I'm going ahead with my 5 year old daughter's wardrobe and am making her an 18th century girl's gown to go with the shift I just made last month.

So far I've got the bodice pieces (outer fabric, lining, and interfacing) sewn together and the skirt piece cut out. I need to order some boning for the back though.

I did run into a problem with the instructions at step 2 (why is it always step 2 for me??), but I called up Burnley & Trowbridge where the pattern comes from and the lady there was able to clarify the step for me. That was a huge help! :-)

I'm pleased I'm making such good progress. Hopefully I'll have a completed dress to show you soon!

I'm really excited to finally be using my fine green linen. I think it might be a linen/cotton blend, and it has the most lovely feel to it. I really like the color too, and I think it will look very nice on my daughter since she has red hair!

Sewing together the bodice linen and interfacing.
I used cotton drill for interfacing since the only heavy linen I have I'm saving for my son's trousers.


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