Ration Recipes on the Horizon

I've been reading my new cookbook Cooking on a Ration - Food is Still Fun by Marjorie Mills, and I am really excited! There are some fabulous looking recipes in there, many of which are really special and that I haven't seen before in other resources.

I'll be putting this check symbol (√) when I make the recipe. Just ignore it's true math meaning.... If it's got a check mark, go to my WWII Ration Recipe Directory tab to find it!

These are the recipes that caught my eye:
Wartime Chop Suey
Society Hash
Asparagus Shortcake
Baked Sweet Potatoes and Apples (sounds pretty straightforward, but the preparation and execution are quite interesting!)
Vegetable Kraut
Scalloped Carrots and Apples
Elm Tree Inn Red Cabbage (with bacon, spices, apples, vinegar, and red currant jelly!)
Beets with Orange Sauce
Country Chicken Loaf (in a ring mold of course!)
Sweet Potato Ham Puffs
Red Flannel Hash
√ Beef Biscuit Roll (think cinnamon rolls, but with ground beef & green peppers served with a brown sauce!)
Fluffly Codfish Cakes
Deerfoot Chowder (made with salt pork, not deer!)
Pea Soup, Habitant
Scotch Broth (This is one left over from what I wanted to make last year, but never quite got around to it.)

I'm not even halfway through this book and already I feel the urge to get cooking. All of the above recipes are ones that I would make and serve for my family, not even as an experiment, but because they look really good.

There are lots of ration recipes on the horizon, folks, so keep an eye out!

Same Day Update:
Just finished the book. Here are more eye-catching recipes!

Pini Cheese (I think this is a cheese sauce of some kind using blue cheese and cream cheese.)
Cranberry Apple Salad
Melon Mold
Master French Dressing with 6 different variations
Cream Cheese Dressing (It looks a bit like Ranch with the herbs it calls for...)
Peanut Butter Bread
Quick Spice Bread
Gingerbread Waffles
Pineapple Waffles
Sandwich Fillings - dozens of them, many I've never seen!
All-In-One Sandwich (a filled ham & boiled egg sandwich which you then coat in egg & milk and grill!)
Peanut Butter-French Toast Sandwich
√ Surprise Peach Dumpling
√ Armenian Dessert (shredded wheat biscuits filled with nuts, raisins, and honey!)
Hartwell Farm Pudding
Prune Whip
Fig Bread Pudding
Sweet Potato Pone
Another way to whip light cream‼
Toffee Sauce
√ Woodrow Wilson Hermits
Lemon Nut Cookies
√ Shredded Wheat Macaroons
Currant Fizz
Cranberry Juice Cocktail
Grape Juice Cocktail

As you can see, this cookbook has a lot to offer. Look into borrowing the digital copy from archive.org to see the original. It looks like I've got a lot of fabulous recipes ahead of me to try. Yay!


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