So, yeah. Sewing! March was not a kind month to me in terms of available time and emotional resilience. I'm also very close to finishing the first draft of my WWII book and have been working diligently on getting to the end. This lack of sewing, though, is not good at all! My goal event, the 18th Century Market Day Fair at Ft. Frederick, MD is coming up at the end of April. Aack! This is not enough time unless I sew diligently from now until then. I had even just decided to only sew the kids their costumes, because I'm still waiting for my corset pattern to be drafted. But somehow, I don't even see that happening.

I know, I know. This attitude is useless. I set myself this sewing goal because starting sewing projects is challenging for me, but once I get going then I'm usually fine! So, please forgive me (and I'll have to forgive myself), for not making the deadline this month. I did start my daughter's dress. I really should just finish it! There might be a miracle yet, you never know! haha!


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