18th Century Boy's Breeches Progress

I made a ton of progress on  my son's 18th century breeches today. If I had worked exclusively on them from morning to night, I'm pretty sure I could have finished them in one day.

I have to say I am in love with Mill Farm Patterns. The patterns themselves are so simple and straightforward. Sometimes the directions could use a little more detail, but she is really good about walking you through each step. The breeches pattern uses letters to match up all the different places that need matching (there are a LOT), and I really like that system. Dots and double dots or arrows or whatever just don't cut it for me. I also have to sing the praises of the pockets on this pattern. They have been the least painful pockets to sew - ever!! I don't know if they turned out exactly right since I don't have an expertly finished pair of breeches in front of me, but for the first time using this pattern and my only 2nd time putting in pockets, I think they're pretty good!

I'm so excited for my son to wear these breeches. Realistically, I don't think I'll have his shirt made in time for this weekend's event, but he's okay with wearing his Civil War shirt. *sigh* Oh well! I'm glad he's so laid back about it. I shouldn't let myself be tortured by my own expectations. :-)

Here are some pics:
Front of breeches with the fall front up

It's my first fall front, people!! Ain't it exciting?!?!?!

They're so cute!!!
I can't believe they actually look the way they're supposed to!

Right from the beginning, I really felt like I was going into this pattern blind and just had to trust in the directions. She didn't lead me astray, so I'm one happy sewing mama! No, they're not perfect, but heck, they look like PANTS! Woo! I hope to have them done by tomorrow (read: MUST have them done). haha!

I can't wait to go to the event on Saturday! Yay!


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