A Procrastinator's Thoughts

Okay, okay, so I'm horrible at sewing goals.

I am working on those 18th century breeches. Right now I'm staring down 11 more button holes to finish. *sigh* Not the most fun I've had with a needle. Just so you know, if you ever want to sew a pair of 18th century breeches, there are 14 button holes. And they're not tiny ones, either!! Just so you know what you're getting yourself into...

I like sewing while watching a good movie or TV show, but lately, my hubby and I have been watching some great Korean dramas. It's very difficult to read subtitles and do sewing at the same time though. Believe me, I've tried. So, yeah. No sewing is done during those hours.

I've thought a few times that I might abandon this sewing project, but if I did that, I'm afraid I wouldn't get any sewing done! So, I'll keep plugging away.

When I was finishing up my WWII rationing project, I was thinking ahead to my next project. I had another fun idea for the 1940s, but I really wanted to focus on some 18th century sewing too. Now, I wish I'd just done both! It's not too late to start though. Maybe do it as a half year project? We'll see how busy my summer gets -- or doesn't. My writing has been pretty consuming too. I'm really hoping to have my book all finished by the end of this year. Wouldn't that be dandy?!

In the mean time, I promise I'll get to work on those button holes. I need to get my son's outfit finished before he grows out of it! I still have his shirt and waistcoat to make. Arrg! Stop growing, kid!


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