Nearly Done... & Ft. Frederick Once Again

I know it's already May and my sewing challenge for April is overdue. I am nearly done with  my son's 18th century breeches. I'm working on covering buttons and sewing them on; there are 13 buttons in all! Which means just as many button holes. *sigh*

After that I need to sew on the leg cuffs, sew on the ties, make and stitch the lacing holes in the back, and finish the seams inside with a simple zigzag stitch on the machine or whip stitch depending on if I feel like hand sewing all that. Then I will be done!

This month's goal is to sew my son's 18th century shirt. I purchased a beautiful blue check linen from Burnley & Trowbridge at the 18th Century Market Fair two weekends ago.

Speaking of Ft. Frederick - I found lots of treasures at my two favorite sutlers: Burnley & Trowbridge and Wm. Booth, Draper. Between the two of them I got more bone buttons, some horn buttons, linen and cotton tapes, light wool for a petticoat for my daughter, checked linen, a few more patterns, and some odds and ends to make myself a housewife sewing kit. I was excited to get A Lady's Guide to Plain Sewing I & II. I'd really like to improve my historical sewing knowledge and skills and these books are a great guide.

One of my favorite sutlers:
Burnley & Trowbridge from Williamsburg, VA

Father & son volunteer drummers at the Fort

This woman is going through black powder musket training as a volunteer.
She was demonstrating the musket for us, but had a few misfires.
Another volunteer came over to help. I had no idea those guns were so finicky!

Me from the fort overlook!
No, I'm not in costume. :-( Maybe next year!

Ft. Frederick always had a guard standing out by the gate.
I love how grumpy he looks. haha!

Hooray! A garbage heap! I always LOVE when they go the extra
mile to have one of these.

A woman was demonstrating her weaving on this small loom.
Her work was absolutely beautiful. She was making mostly sashes.


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