Research Headaches!

I wish I could be devoting more time to writing up blog posts here, as I have several ideas in the pipeline. But my book is nearing completion - I'm currently working with a cover artist for my book cover! How thrilling! So, that is taking up a lot of time and brain power.

What's taking up a huge part of my time is a last minute research conundrum that is driving me nuts! It's like chasing rabbits that keep coming up different holes than the one you went down. My question seems so simple, but it is turning out to be a quest fraught with contradictory dates. Nailing down the exact dates is pretty vital to an element of the story. As soon as I figure it out, I will post my research findings here for all to find! Because no one should have to go through this hair-pulling fiasco again like me!

In the meantime, sewing is at a complete standstill. I'm bummed about that. Maybe it wasn't a realistic goal for this stage of my life. I guess I didn't think of the impact writing this book would have on my life! My son's 18th century breeches are still awaiting the final button holes to be finished and the cuffs to be put on. Luckily, they're big enough that I don't think he'll grow out of them before I get back to sewing. I need to finish his outfit and then get to sewing my corset and everything else!

But finishing this book has taken top priority. I hope to have it finished before Christmas. Wish me luck! I won't be totally silent until then. While my book is being edited, I'll have some time to post about some exciting stuff, so stay tuned!


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