Books and Fabric

A friend of mine posted this link from the fabulous website The Art of Manliness. It's a list of the 50 best books for men and boys - such a fabulous list. I'm happy I've read so many of them myself and have gotten my son off to a good start. Check out the list yourself. There are a lot of great ones!

On the subject of fabric, I tried to get a start on some sewing during my writing break, but I just got my line edits back this week, so I didn't make much progress, but I did do some!

 Here's the fabric I'm using for my son's 18th century boy's shirt. It's a blue checked linen. I'm so excited!

I like to take my sewing in steps so it's not so overwhelming. Wash and iron the fabric. Cut out the pattern pieces, pin and cut out the fabric, mark the fabric, then finally sew. It may take me longer, but at least I get it done, step by step!

My fabric pieces are cut out now, but until my book is published, that's the way they'll stay, I'm afraid. Ah well. It'll get done soon.


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