Dream Casting

Today I'm celebrating because I finished all the line edits of my book! It was a mountain of work, but thanks to my awesome family, I plowed through it in 1 week. Hooray! Now all that's left is proofing, last minute little edits, and then I can publish!

So, to celebrate, I thought I'd share my dream casts for my main characters, Alex Moon and Lonnie Hamilton. Exciting!

Picking out faces was something I did at the very beginning of writing my book, The War Between Us. It really helped to have a face I felt came the closest to what I imagined my character looking like. It helped me visualize them in a concrete, realistic way. Unfortunately, my main characters' looks tend to be very allusive to me for much of the writing process - side characters not as much, so having pictures helps as I write.

If my book was to be made into a movie (seriously, that would be so awesome, but also very weird!), I've got just the right people picked out. Here they are:

Alexander Moon
played by Lee Je Hoon

For Alex, who is Korean American, I pictured him as kind of the cute "boy next door" but with some complexities in his facial expressions. I thought Lee Je Hoon captured that look really well. He also has this great ability to pull off suave and casual which I imaged my character, Alex, doing. 

The inspiration for my character's killer smile actually comes from Jang Geun Suk in the K-drama "You're Beautiful". For half the show he's all frowny and grumpy, but then there's this glorious moment where he turns on this brilliant smile, and his whole face lights up. Watching it, I actually jumped back a little and said, "Whoa!" - the change was so dramatic. It blew me away that someone's face could change so drastically, and I knew I wanted to use that affect for Alex. :-)

Lonnie Hamilton
played by Susan Peters

For Lonnie, I pictured someone with light hair and a kind, pretty face. I also wanted to find a girl that was more old-fashioned looking, and it's very hard to find that in modern girls, funnily enough. I loved the sweet innocence of Susan Peter's face, and she's very close to how I picture my character, Lonnie. 

Unfortunately, this casting would be impossible. Susan Peters is deceased and if she were alive, she'd be quite old today. Aah, well. Dream casting is fun even if it can never be a reality! 

My book is scheduled to be released December 7th. Look for it on Amazon! I'll be putting an announcement and a link on here too. I'm so excited! It's been a year and a half of a lot of work and a ton of perseverance with a bunch of support from loving friends and family. I feel very blessed for having such a big dream of mine come true.


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