A Year in Reflection

It's the end of December and it's raining right now in Maryland. We haven't seen one lick of snow! It's hard to believe this weather we're having, but I'm glad that at least the plants and trees are getting some moisture. :-)

Throughout this past year I've thought often of 2014's project of ration cooking once a week. I miss it. It was an amazing, exciting experience! This isn't saying I'm going to start up the same project again for 2016, but believe me, I'm tempted!

I actually wanted to share how rationing has changed my cooking - in other words which recipes do I use often as a result of trying them once for my project.

So here goes:

1. Baking Powder Biscuits
I first tried a ration biscuit recipe for my Beef & Vegetable Soup Casserole and fell in love with it. Why? It's actually a pretty basic biscuit recipe, but the difference is the fat. Comparing it to my old fave biscuit recipe which has a 1/2 cup butter, the 1943 recipe only uses 4 Tbsp. (i.e. 1/4 cup)! And they still turn out great. Amazing! I use this one all the time.

2. Beef Biscuit Roll
The first time I tried this recipe, it was a big hit with my family. So, of course I made it again, several times. It's such a delicious and unique way to use ground beef and biscuit dough. The gravy makes it really shine. I just love this dish!

3. Hot Potato Salad with Frankfurters
I love this potato salad, which is saying a lot because I'm super picky about my potato salad. I brought it to a pot-luck and I got a lot of positive comments on it. I love that it has boiled eggs, bacon, and hot dogs in it. I'm sure it helps (of course this is relative...) that you saute the hot dogs with the onions in some of the bacon fat!

4. Prune Nut Cake
This cake is just lovely. Such a wonderful texture and flavor. I adore it, and I also love that it stars the underappreciated prune. I've made this a few times and it's just so pretty. It makes me feel so accomplished when I make it. haha!

5. Mint Tinkle
My kids go crazy for this drink. It's so unique and such a surprise when you drink it. I made this for a WWII lecture that I gave and everyone seemed to find it a delight. Who wouldn't want to drink something called Mint Tinkle?? ;-)

6. Oatmeal Griddle Cakes
This is my go-to recipe when we get tired of regular pancakes. The texture is so creamy, and chewy, and the flavor is great! I don't serve it with the Molasses Syrup though. That stuff is not as tasty as good ol' maple syrup.

7. Beet Relish
I. Love. This. Stuff.
Seriously. Your hot dogs will never be the same.


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