Another 1930s Quilt

I haven't forgotten about my March sewing challenge! I finished my 1930s mock-up blouse and am still working on the actual blouse, but should be finished soon. I'll hopefully be posting about it within the next week.

Last Saturday I took a nice trip alone to the antique mall. I love wandering large spaces with hundreds of booths stuffed full of cool antiques! One of the stalls was 40% off everything and had quite a few quilt tops with awesome vintage fabric! It was so hard to decide on just one. A few of them had nice examples of 1930s fabric, but it was mixed in with later period fabrics like what I suspect was 60s or even 70s. I finally settled on a lovely, simple quilt top with all 1930s fabrics. I'm excited to get this one finished - I just need to get some cotton batting and pick out a fabric for the back. I'm thinking of tying it too, so it theoretically could be finished quickly!

Here's my quilt top! Isn't it so pretty? I don't have any heirloom quilts from family, so it's going to be nice having this one at least. :-) 

Take a look at these cool fabrics!

I really like this one!

Something I noticed with some of the quilt tops that were there, was that even though vintage fabrics were used, the construction looked new. So, with this particular quilt, it's hard to say whether the construction is as old as the fabrics, but for me it was the fabric that was important. And the whole thing is in great shape. I'll have to re-post about this again when I get it all finished!


  1. Thanks for the close-ups! Those fabrics are amazing! What a wonderful find!


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