Cool Websites!

I've found some really neat WWII websites!

I was in Pennsylvania yesterday and drove through Abington. I passed a sign that said something about Abington and WWII. I was driving too fast to read the whole thing, so I made a mental note to look it up when I got home. Well, this morning I did a search and found that Abington, PA is the home of the WWII Lecture Institute, dedicated to connecting with WWII veterans so they can share their stories with the public and to preserve their memories for future generations. So awesome!! You can check out their website here. They're looking to expand to neighboring states, including Maryland, so that is really exciting!

The second website I found I am really excited about. I was searching online for a Michigan factory my great-uncle said he worked at during WWII. I stumbled on the website for the Heritage Research Center LTD. They have a really cool way to look at wartime production during the war organized by state, then broken down by city. It lists the different companies, what they normally produced, and then what they produced during the war. This is completely fantastic for research! Take a look at their site here. I have it set to Michigan, but you can choose a different state from the drop down box.

Online resources have really come a long way. There is so much quality research we can do from the comfort of our own home. I am so grateful for that!

Happy researching!

P.S. I dug more into the WWII Lecture Institute and their website is sadly out of date. I hope their institute is still going though. How sad if it wasn't!


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