Ration Recipe: Carrot-Oatmeal Cookies

Carrot-Oatmeal Cookies
Health-for-Victory Meal Planning Guide,
Year 'Round Edition
Spring is officially upon us! At least that's what our plethora of daffodils, sprouting rhubarb, and leafing berry and lilac bushes are telling me. I am so excited for another berry season and so excited for my four (FOUR!) rhubarb plants. I am going to have rhubarb coming out of my ears... :-D Perfect for trying a 1930s recipe I found for Rhubarb and Banana Pudding!

So, yesterday I had some ground up carrots lying around, and I wanted to make another ration recipe. So, I turned to my trusty wartime cookbooks. I am becoming more and more convinced that I really don't need to search on the internet anymore for recipes. I have more interesting and delicious recipes at my fingertips than I know what to do with. And once again, for my carrot dilemma, my Westinghouse Health-for-Victory cookbooks came to the rescue!

 The recipe is for Carrot-Oatmeal Cookies. They sounded super yummy. When I was making them, I was putting in the teaspoon of cinnamon, a whole teaspoon of nutmeg, raisins and nuts, and I had the impression that I was making carrot cake, but with rolled oats...

I liked the currants in my Hot Cross Buns so much, that I used the rest of them up for this recipe and they were the perfect size! I don't mind raisins in my cookies, but the smaller the better, really. And usually I hate nuts in my cookies, but I think with the rolled oats and raisins, the pecans I put in worked well. The recipe I was using called for shredded carrots, but mine were chopped in a food processor. Oh well! The dough tasted fantastic, but the real test came after they were baked.

Fresh out of the oven, my daughter and I sampled the cookies. They were awesome! Mildly sweet, with a great texture and chew with the oats, but nice flavors with the spices and nuts and raisins/currants. This recipe is a keeper for sure, and a great way to use up extra shredded or finely chopped carrots! It's a nice change from regular oatmeal cookies too.



  1. Carrots can be so sweet - that sounds delicious! I'll have to try this.

    1. I think you'll really like it! Let me know if you try it!


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