Ration Recipe: Red Flannel Hash

Red Flannel Hash
I'm slowly making my way through the list of recipes that captured my interest from Cooking on a Ration by the fabulous Marjorie Mills. Last week I gave Red Flannel Hash a try. This was one of the more complicated recipes only because I had to make another recipe first - New England Boiled Dinner - in order to make the Red Flannel Hash. Using corned beef was optional for the hash, but I had some leftover corned beef from post-St. Patrick's Day, so I definitely wanted to put it in.

First step was to make the boiled dinner. It made a LOT. Carrots, cabbage (You're supposed to boil the cabbage head whole, but I didn't do that since I was on a time crunch.), turnips, onions, and beets.

Since I cooked the corned beef another time, I couldn't use the broth from that, so I cooked the veg and chopped corned beef in vegetable broth instead. We had that for dinner as a kind of soup which was pretty tasty. We didn't have it with the beets, which you cook separately, because they were too hot to chop, and I was feeling lazy.

Boiled New England Dinner, sans beets
Then, another day I chopped up the beets, ran a portion of the boiled root veg through my food processor, then added the bread crumbs. Then I shaped them into patties to cook in some oil. It did not hold together, so I added some fine cracker crumbs and an egg before it finally did. I didn't serve it with vinegar which would have been good, but with a garlic sour cream, kind of like latkes? Anyway, the Red Flannel Hash was good, but different. I wouldn't say it was a favorite with the family, and I barely got the kids to try it. I think they're still wary of beets.

I don't know if I'll make these again, but it was a good experience. And it's an interesting way to use beets, which I do love!

Red Flannel Hash
Cooking on a Ration by Marjorie Mills


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