Ration Recipe - Woodrow Wilson Hermits

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These cookies have been on my Cooking on a Ration recipe to-make list for some time. They just sounded fun! And since when do you get to think about our 28th president, Woodrow Wilson, while making cookies? Like, never. So, here's to you, Woodrow! These cookies were pretty dang good!

I couldn't find very much on why these particular cookies are attributed to Mr. Wilson, but I did find this interesting article about his wife!
Here are two websites that talks about U.S. Presidential recipes:
A Taste of the Past: White House Kitchens, Menus, & Recipes
Food Timeline - U.S. Presidents

Now about making the recipe -
The batter was suspiciously like brownie batter, and I didn't even put in all the liquid it called for. Then it says to shape the cookies using a knife wet with milk. I was wary of this method too. Luckily, the recipe gave me a little out - it said I could make them as bars, which was a relief! So, that's what I did.

And surprise! They turned out like cake. What???

But that was okay, because they were really good. It reminded me a lot of a gingerbread cake, but with raisins in it. (I used zante raisins, otherwise known as "currants". They're not true currants, but that's okay. I love them because they're tiny raisins and people don't mind them as much as the big, regular-sized raisins.)

My kids love these hermits. It makes a great snack, or a great breakfast. Just pretty much any time.

Give them a try! Let me know if you make them as actual cookies. I'm really curious now!

Woodrow Wilson Hermits
Cooking on a Ration, ca. 1942
P.S. My friend Katherine found this other recipe and a history of hermits at the Joy of Baking website. Apparently they're called "hermits" because of how long they can store. And it's true - ours have held up really well and still taste great! Of course, I wish mine looked like the ones on the Joy of Baking website. I'll definitely have to try them again.


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