Day 11: Hot Gingerbread Ring with Applesauce

For Day 11, I was excited about this ad for Gold Medal Enriched Flour from the back cover of the November 1942 Ladies Home Journal. One, because I love gingerbread, but also because the gingerbread ring with the applesauce just struck me as really bizarre interesting! haha! And with whipped cream on top, no less. I'm going to have to give it a try, I guess!

The inscription next to the hands at the top says: "When fall is in the air... gingerbread should be on the table! Here's a delightful version of this old favorite dressed up inexpensively for a home supper or simple wartime entertaining. Luscious when garnished with whipped cream!"

Isn't that great?? Maybe we should follow their advice and "try it this week!" Using Gold Medal Flour is up to you of course. haha!

And here's the recipe!
Hot Gingerbread Ring with Applesauce
November 1942 Ladies Home Journal


  1. Yum! That sounds like a good combination. I'm really enjoying these posts!


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