Day 13: French Fried Sweet Potatoes

Wait! Did I just write French Fried Sweet Potatoes?? You mean, someone's thought of them before - before they were a thing??

Haha! I love finding things like this. I'll fully admit that I mock the present fads and say, "And you all thought this was a new thing!" I've found quite a few things like that as I've gone through wartime cookbooks. In the end, I'm just happy that recipes from that time are finding their way back again, because they had some really good ideas! Now what would be interesting to find out, is whether 1940s wartime was the time they originated in the U.S.

I've tried sweet potato fries one time at a restaurant (with marshmallow dipping sauce...), and they were okay! I think it would be fun to try these 1940s-style French Fried Sweet Potatoes. It's interesting you have to parboil them first. I don't think you do that with modern recipes.

It's great to find more sweet potato recipes, though. I really had no idea how many 1940s recipes were out there for sweet potatoes! They seemed to be a nutritious staple right along with other root-type vegetables. They are quite filling, and a very nice change from regular ol' potatoes.

Here's the recipe. And enjoy the bonus sweet potato recipes!

French Fried Sweet Potatoes
New American Cook Book, ca. 1945


  1. Fabulous! I thought sweet potato fries were modern. What a great discovery!


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