Day 14: October Food Calendar ca. 1937

Okay, so I'm cheating a bit for today's post in my series of "A Month of Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food". 1937 was obviously not during WWII,  but I always like to give a nod to the fact that just because there was a war on, didn't mean everyone chucked their old recipes and food ideas! Plus, this menu has a really cool October theme.

Photos are courtesy of my BFF, Mairi, who blogs over at Magpie Tidings. She owns this October 1937 issue of Woman's Home Companion and took the pictures for me! Thanks, Mairi!

Here's the whole calendar. I included close-up photos below so you can read each day more easily.
Isn't the witch on the broom with the pumpkins so fun?? :-D
The October Food Calendar
Woman's Home Companion, ca. 1937

 Days 28-31 are cool. There are some neat Halloween food suggestions. I think covering a lollipop with a popcorn ball is a fun idea! And notice on Day 23 that the pumpkin pie recipe uses honey as a sweetener - a very wartime rationing-friendly sweetener!


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