Day 20: Cranberry Mince Meat

Today's post for Day 20 in my series "A Month of Autumn Wartime Recipes & Food" is exciting! I came across this recipe for Cranberry Mince Meat in my Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book, ca. 1944.

I really like mincemeat, especially around Christmas time. I've only ever had the version without meat and from a jar. It's so sad! I really need to make my own one of these days. I guess it's just hard finding all the candied fruits without any crazy dyes or high fructose corn syrup and stuff in them.

Anyway, when I saw this recipe, I was intrigued, because I've never seen a variation that used cranberries! This version is also interesting, because it doesn't call for any fat like suet (which is kidney fat and not the same as lard), and none of the fruit is candied. It doesn't look like you cook the whole thing either, just the cranberries. Odd! It reminds me almost of a relish. The seeded raisins would give it an interesting crunch too!

This is definitely worth a try, I think, and it's a very different alternative to regular cranberry sauce. I wonder what you're supposed to do with it, though. Eat is as a side or use it as a garnish? Make it into little tarts like you can with regular mincemeat? I guess it's up to you!

Cranberry Mince Meat
Alice Bradley Menu-Cook-Book, ca. 1944


  1. I think this sounds really great! Definitely worth a try. :)


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